Confidentiality, data protection and disclaimer of liability

I. Confidentiality provisions

The Advertising Agency Speitkamp (registered sole trader) has imposed provisions for the confidential handling of personal data upon itself. These confidentiality provisions should demonstrate that the protection of your personal data is of great importance to us. We believe that you have the right to know which information we gather, how we use it and what influence you have on its utilisation.

1. How we gather information

We will neither sell your personal contact information to other enterprises nor will we do so in exchange for remuneration. We will not disclose your contact information to any enterprise, except in a very restricted way and for the limited purposes stated below.

Important note: Our websites may contain links to the websites of other enterprises. If you follow these links, please bear in mind that we have no influence over data protection practices on these websites. We therefore urge you to first inform yourself about the terms of other providers before you provide personal data to them.

We use IP addresses for the administration of our website and occasionally for the fault diagnosis of our servers. Furthermore, we use them for the collection of general, demographic information as well as for counting the visits to our websites. The Speitkamp Advertising Agency (registered sole trader) uses this non-personified information to follow the URL from which the user originated, to determine the URL that the user switches to next, if it is found on one of our pages, as well as to identify the browser and operating system used, the location of the user’s web server and the IP address. We also use this non-personified information for the improvement of website content as well as marketing and market-research purposes.

The Speitkamp Advertising Agency (registered sole trader) also reserves the right to pass non-personified, global information onto third parties (e.g. the number of visits).

2. Changes to these confidentiality provisions

The Speitkamp Advertising Agency (registered sole trader) reserves the right to change or improve the information, services, products or other content on the website, at any time and without prior notice. The Speitkamp Advertising Agency (registered sole trader) also reserves the right to change the confidentiality provisions, whereby changes come into force immediately after the publication of the modified confidentiality provisions.

II. Disclaimer
1. Warranty

The Speitkamp Advertising Agency (registered sole trader) does not accept any warranty for the faultlessness and accuracy of the information provided for the purposes of this online offer. All responsibility for damages, created directly or indirectly by the use of this online offer, is excluded, as far as these are not based on intention or gross negligence.

2. External links

We accept no responsibility for potential data protection and other legal infringements for other offers for which we have set up links.

Questions and suggestions

Should you have any questions or suggestions regarding our confidentiality provisions, the procedure on this website or your experience of this website, you are welcome to contact us via e-mail at

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